List of Grantees

The Ireland Funds are strategically placed to ensure that grant recipients utilize resources efficiently. Our grant process ensures clear objectives with measurable results. We support vital work by determining the areas with most need and working with donors where their gifts can be most effective. Examples of some of the over 3000 projects we have assisted are below.


An Cosan

Since 1998, The Ireland Funds have supported An Cosan's programs that promote literacy and personal development within the community, as well an accredited course in child care.

An Cosan is a development of The Shanty Educational Project Ltd.

The Shanty Education Project Ltd. a registered charity, was established in 1986 to provide "second chance" community-based education to the residents of Tallaght West. It was founded by Dr Ann Louise Gilligan and Dr Katherine Zappone who began running courses in their own home in Brittas, Co. Dublin. Gradually, with the help and generosity of people living within and outside Tallaght, the project developed to offer up to 10 courses with childcare for participants. In the process, the organisation won a number of awards for its community initiatives.

In September 1999, the organisation re-located to a brand new multi-purpose community facility - An Cosan - in Jobstown Tallaght West. An Cosan is so called because it offers local people a path to learning and leadership. The organisation provides a service to an area of Dublin that is severely disadvantaged as a result of poverty and high levels of unemployment. An Cosan provides community-based education, childcare and enterprise.

Since 1998 The Ireland Funds have given more than $80,000 to An Cosan to support their vital work in this often-challenged area of Ireland.

An Cosan's Vision

  • A community of people free from sexism, classism and any other kind of social inequality
  • A community committed to a revolutionary form of education that teaches how to re-order society and economy so that people can shape our ways of being human together
  • A community guided and sustained by the transcendent presence of sacredness in life
  • A community committed to the belief that good childcare and pre-school education is a right for all children
  • A community with a table that is open to all - for food, drink, compassion, merriment, visioning, storytelling and decision making.

Rainbow House currently provides

  • Sessional care for 100 children per week
  • An Educational Pre-School service for children from Mon-Fri from 9.30 - 1.00
  • An After-School Service for children from 4 - 12 years