Board Directors

Hugo MacNeill – Chairman
Jim Barry
John Crimmins
Mark Cunningham
David Duffy
Ronan Foley
Tommy Gallagher
Emer Gilvarry
Loretta Brennan Glucksman
Michael Houlihan
Caroline Kennedy
James McCarthy
David McRedmond
Sir Anthony O’Reilly
Trevor Ringland

Attending the Rugby Luncheon 2013
Front row - Trevor Ringland, David McRedmond, Tommy Gallagher, Hugo MacNeill (Chairman), Erica Roseingrave (Chair of Young Leaders Steering Committee), Kieran McLoughlin (President and CEO The Worldwide Ireland Funds), Middle row - John Crimmins, Philip Nolan, Caroline Kennedy, Jim Barry Back row - David Duffy, Mark Cunningham, Emer Gilvarry, Ronan Foley, Caitriona Fottrell (Director Ireland) Micheal Houlihan

Key Staff

Caitriona Fottrell - Vice President & Director Ireland
Jordan Campbell - Programmes Manager  
Caitlin Duffy - Director of the Young Leaders 
Nicki Lynch - Events & Administration Manager
Sandra McDermott - Grants Officer